Survey results for VFX, animation and gaming

Unifor Local 2000 conducted an anonymous online survey for people working in VFX, animation and game development. We asked questions on age, job description, top workplace problems and possible solutions, including unionization. Thank you to all who participated! Based on the overwhelming response, it’s clear you’re all facing similar issues that require creative, collective solutions. READ MORE

How to get around the “all hours worked” clause

Did you sign a contract with an “all hours worked” clause? There’s a trick to get around it for non-union employees. Some studios present artists and animators with contracts that say you will be paid a set rate for “all hours worked” or “all work performed.” This is so the company doesn’t have to pay READ MORE

Nitrogen acquisition won’t affect Sausage Party complaint

Cinesite Studios Group has bought Vancouver’s Nitrogen Studios, but the acquisition won’t affect Unifor’s complaint over unpaid overtime allegations from animators who worked on Sausage Party. “We filed a third-party complaint with B.C.’s Employment Standards Branch last summer, and the investigation is still very active,” said Jennifer Moreau, Vice-President with Unifor Local 2000. “I spoke READ MORE